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2007 年专升本英语模拟试题
第一部分:选择题 第一部分:选择题

1. With regarding to this model of color TV sets, the home-made ones are by no means_____ those made in Japan. A.less inferior to C.Inferior than B.less inferior than D.inferior to

2.Don’t put off till tomorrow____you can do today A.that C.when B.what D.whethe

3.The three boys were given work according to their______abilities. A.respectful C. respective B.respectable D. responsible

4.It is____for her to wear a formal suit at the homely little party. A.out ot order C.out of place B. outof question D.out of practice

5.The electnc shaver needs____ before it can be used. A.repairing C.being repaired B.to repair D.to be repairing

6.John Is the only one of the students who_____to France. A.has been C.had been 7.It is____he is determined. A.buying a new car that C.to buy a new car what B. to buy a new car that D.buying a new car which B. have been

D. has being

8.After a whole day’s heavy work,the old worker returned home,_____. A. hungry and felt exhausting B.hunger and exhausted C.hungry and exhausted

D.hungry and having been exhausted 9. The last half of the nineteenth century_____ the steady improvement in the m eans of travel. A.has witnessed C.witnessed B.was witnessed D.is witnessed

10. She____ in the feet on her way home from work. A.was huring C.hurts B.is hurt D.got hurt

11. Without computers,we____ the tremendous medical advancement in the last fe w decades. A.would not make C.could not make B.will not have made D. couldn’t have made

12.Maggle ran back to the kichen,eggs_____ carefully in her hands. A.to be held C.were held B.held D.holding

13.Even if it_____ this afemoon,I will go there. A.has rained C.rains 14.The tree,the branches_____are A.whose C.of which almost B.will rain D.Will have rained bare,is a very old one.

B.in which D.which

15.It is the director, and not the members of the board,_____the most. A.who worry C.to whom worry rries B.whom worry D.who wo

16.We find such shrubs____ will best stand up to(抵御)hard weather. A.which B.as



17. Mrs. Douglas unknowingly left a package____on the shop counter. A.laying C.laid B.to lie D.lying

18.____that called this morning? A.Who was C.Who was him B.Who it was D.Who was it

19.Earthworms occur_____adequate moisture and food and the necessary soil conditions are found. A.and C.however B.whenever D.wherever

20. None of the soldiers was allowed to open fire unless heavy loss was shown t o be___ inevitable. B.otherwise D.therefore

A.nonetheless C.hence

21.On the giant plane there are___ the jet needs. A.twice engines than C.as twice many engines as 22.when we have difficulty B.twice as engines as D.twice as many engines s desired objects or reaching desired goals we e

xperience negative enotions such such as grief and anger. A.at obtaining C.on obtaining B.In obtaining D.with obtaining

23.The name Of television comes from the Greek word tele and the Latin word vi dere,_ “far”and “to see”,respectively B.meant D.have the meaning of

A.meaning C.are meant

24.By lip reading or watching the movements of the speaker s lips,a deaf perso n can actually see A.that C.what the person at the other telephone is saying. B.how D.where

25.If he had listened to me,he A.might arrive C.might be arriving 26.By the time she is 50 years old ,she

earlier. B.had arreved D.might have arrived

an inmate of the prison for over half of her life. B.will be D.would be her homework.

A.would have been C.will have been

27.The girl won’t have her lunch before she A.will finish C.had finished

B.finishes D.finished

28.The issue ion nationwide. A.discussed

at the conference is very important and it will create a sensat

B. being discussed D. has been discussed wins the election Is going to have

C.is being discussed 29.Undoubtedly,

a tough job getting the economy back on its feet. A.anyone C.whoever B.who D.everyone

30.If they had sent a check to the telephone company last week,their telephon e out lf service at this moment. A.will not be C.would not be B.will not have been D.would not have been

31. Millions of Americans flock to their drugstore to buy vitamins and minerals, ______ that these pills can help to pfCvent senous illnesses. A. convincing B.convinced

C.to convince

D.to be convinced

32.We were heartedly arguing about the financial matter,the

telephone rang unexpectedly. A.while C.when B.as D.as soon as made matters worse was night bega

33.They lost their Way in the forest,and n to fall. A.that C.what B.it

D.Which task ahead o

34.Were it not for their support and help,we able to finish the f time. A.were not C.are not 35. B.should not have been D.would not be

,follow the directions on the bottle carefully. B.When drugs e taken D.When taking drugs

A.When taken drugs C. When one takes drugs 第二部分:阅读

Questions 11-15 are based on the following passage: When we conduct foreign trade,the importawnce of understanding the languag e of acountry cannot be underestimated.The successful marketer must achieve ex portcommuncation which requires a thorough understanding of the language as wel las the ability to speak it.Those who deal with advertising should be concernd lesswith obvious diffiderences between languages and more with the exact meanin gs expressed. A dictionary translation is not the same as an idiomatic interpretation,and seldom will the dictionary tanslation meet the needs.A nation pfoducer of sof t drinks had the company’s brand name impressed in Chinese characters winch were phoneucally(按照发音地)accu rate.It wasdiscoverdrd g was“female horse later,however,that the translation’s literal meanin

fattened with wax,” hadly the image the company sough

t to describe.So carelessly translated advertising statements not only lose th eir intended meaning but can suggest somthing very different including somethin

g offensive or ridiculous.Sometimes,wnat was translated was not an image the companies had in mind for their Products.Many people believe that to fully app reciate the true meaning of a language it is necessaryto live with the language for years.Whether or not is the case,foreign marketers should never

take it for granted that they are affectively communicating in another languag. 11.Which of the following is the best topic for the passage? A.Idiomatic Meamngs of Languages. B.Language Problems in Foreign Trade. C。Translation Failures in Foreign Trade. D.Culture Difference between Languages. 12.To an advertiser,which one should they pay more attention to? A.Understanding of a language. B.Ability to speak a language. C. Obvious difference between languages. D.The different idiomatic expressions between languages. 13.What is the main idea of the second paragraph? A.Best translation should be the intent of the original statement. B.A dictionary translation may not convey the true meamng of an idiom. C.A dictionary will meet the needs. D.Both Aand C. 14.In terms of communication in another language,marketers should not be too_____. A.proud C.self-c onfident D.happy B.modest

15.The first sentence “…,the importance of undersanding the langUage of a co untry cannot be underestimated.” Most probaly means_____. A.Understanding of the language of a country is extremely important. B.Und Cf 孤 mding of the language of a country is less important.

C.Not enough importance is attached to the understanding of the language o f a country. D.Enough importance is attached to the understan Question 16-20 are based on following passage: The Xinhua bookstore chain, China’s largest offcial publishing enterprise, has become a surprising flash point for intest among foreign venture capital investors. “we are actively promoting the process of shareholding reform.Everyday,we receive lots of offers from domestic and freign investors interested in getting involve d and may pick one or two to do so in the next two to three months,”Zhang Yashan,the leading cadre of the head store’s office Said. According to a company insider who requested anonymity,several securities f irms are overseeing Xinhua bookstor’s reform and the company could list on the domestic stock market once reforms are reported to the government in May and th en completed. The source would not reveal the specific names of the firms involved or det ails of the reform. “We will stipulate that we must remain the majority shareholder,but we wil l welcome and kinds of investment,including foreign capital,to establish a shareholdin g enterprise.we hope the No.2 shareholder will be a foreign enterprise,”the source said. In keeping with its World Trade Organization entry promises,China must all ow foreign investment in domestic publication retailers by the end of this year.

16.Which is NOT the right word used to describe Xinhua bookstore? A.Laygest. C.Private. B.Offcial. D.Prokperous.

17.What does the word”domestic” in Para.2? A.Energetic. C.Alien. B.Excited. D. Native.

18.What can we infer from ZhangYashan’s Statement in Para.2? A.We often receive many offers form investors. B.We wi11 soon accept one or two offers in the next sixty days.
C.Security firm are more interested in Xinhua bookstore than other firms.

D.Foreign investment is welcomed by Chinese government. 19.What is the passage mainly about? A.The largest bookstore is going to accept foreign investment. B.Xinhua bookstore is going to have a shareholding reform. C.Xinhua bookstore must take action according to the situation. D.Xinhua bookstore has to keep its promise with WTO. 20.Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage? A.Xinhua bookstore’s reform will be revealed in detail. B.The reforms have been reported to tue government. C.Xinhua bookstore will soon accept foreign investment. D.The source said we didn’t have to remainthe majority shareholder Questions 21-25 are based on the following passage:

A group of ll delegates from the Chinese university retuned home last wee k.They came in second place with 13 other university teams. The conference is the world’s largest university-level UN simulation.It is held each April, for a week,in New York,to give students a chance to debate international affa irs.It is meant to mirror the real-life business of the UN.

Teams from more than 23 countries gathered this year to discuss and debate serious Is sues such as the AIDS epidemic and water shortages. Some UN senior staff members,u.S.professors,and former student particip ants formed the judge panel. The Chinese team applied to take pare in the event and was assigned to repr esent Japan this year,working on various committees and arguing Japan’s position on resolu tions to problems like international migration. According to LI Xiaocong, the Chinese team leader, their efforts in finding approaches to resolutions made them stand out.Li attributes their success to“s olid training”. 21.What’s the purpose of the conference? A.To give students a chance to debate international affairs and to mirror the real-life business of the UN. B.To enlarge students’ fields of vision. C.To learn about other cultures. D.To learn about how to portray their own. 22.How many Chinese students are involved in the conference? A.17. C.11. B.23. D.13.

23.The Judge panel Includes the following EXCEPT_____. A.U.S.professors B .former student participants C.UN senior staff members D.UN professors 24.According to the Chinese team leader,what’sthe key to their success?

A.Debate practice sessions. B.Solid traing. C.Research on Japanese. D.kowledge of parliamentare procedure and public speaking. 25.Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the report. A.The Chinese team came out with one of the first prizes. B.There were 23 teams in this year’s UN simulation. C.There were a number of second place winners at the conference. D. The Chinese team stood out representing their country attheconference.

Question 21-25 are based on the following passage: As people cotinue to grow and age,our body systems continue to change.At a certain point in your body systems will begin to weaken.Your joints may becom e stiff.It may become more difficult for you to see and hear.The slow change of aging causes our bodies to lose some of their ablity to bounce back from di sease and injury . oder to live longer, have always tried to slow or Stop In we this process that leads us toward the end of our lives. Many factors contribute to your health.A well-balanced diet plays an important role. The amount and type of exercise you get is another factor.Your living environm ent and the amount of stress you are under is yet another.But scientists studying senesce

nce(哀老)want to know:Why do people grow old?They hope that by eXamining th e aging process on a cellular level medical science may be able to extend the l ength of life. 21.When people become aging,they will lose some of their ability to bounce b ack from disease and injury,“bounce back” here means____. A.to imProve in health after one’s disease and injury B.to recover from disease and injury

C.to jump after recovering D.to run fast 22.In order to live longer,_____. A.we have to try to be on a diet B.We Should keep in high spirits C.we should try to do more exercise D.we should postpone the process of aging 23 .Why are some scientists interested in studying senescence? A.They want to increase the general ability of our bodies. B.They may be able to find a better way to our life. C. If they can e,there will be hope for extending the length of life. D.They want to find out If their is a link between how efficiently a cell could repair itself and how long a creature lives. 24.Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a factor contributing to one’s h ealth? A.The right food you eat. B.Lots of exercise you get. C.Your living conditions. D.The amount of stress you are under. 25.This passage Is mainly concerned with_____. A.man’s aging process B.man’s life span C.man’s health D.man’s medical care pin down the biochemical process that makes us ag

Questions 26-30 are



the following passage:

Wall Street is the name of a street in New York and very famous in the whol e world.It is the financial center of the USA,exefting a significant influence upon the w orld’s economy.Hetty Green,who was born In l835,was nicknamed the Wizard(奇才)of Wall Street.She became almost a legendarp ade a lot of money buying and selling shares in companies. Hetty Green began making money when her father died and she inhented all hi s money. By ivesting it wisely,she soon built up her fortune to over 100 mill figure in Wall Street,because she m

ion dollars.However,she hated spending money on herself on her family.Actual ly,she hated spending money On eVerything except buying Shares.She Was so mea n that When her son Edward broke his leg,she would pay a doctor’s not send for a doctor.She did not want to have to

bill.She refused to send her son to a good hospital.Instead,

she took the boy to a free charity hospital.There
save his life,he



not get

very good treatment


to have

his leg cut off.Still his mother would not pay for proper hospital t

reatment. She sent for

ita doctor who cut Off the boy’S

leg in her sitting room.It’s incredible, i

sn’t it? 26.Wall Street is_____. A.the name of Chinatown in New York B. the nickname Of NeW YOrk C. the financial center of America D. the tounst center of USA 27.Hetty Green was nlchamed the Wizard of Wall Street because she_____. A.inhented a large sum of money B.made a large sum of fortune with shares

C.built up a large company on shares D.was very queer and cruel 28. The underlined word “mean” in the second paragraph probably can be replaced by_____. A.vulgar C.wicket B.croSS D.ungenerous

29.When her son broke his leg,Hetty Green_____. A.sent him to a large hospital B.sent for a doctor C.didn’t pay the bill for the doctor D.tOOk him to a Charity hospital 30.which of the following is rue according to the passage? A.Hetty Green hated her son and refused to take him to a good hospital. B.Hetty liked to earn a lot of money so as to live a good life. C.Hetty Green preferred money to anthing else. D.Hetty Green died a poor old woman. Questions 16-20 are based on the following Passage:

Regular child care provided outside home or by someone other than the mothe r does not In itself undermine healthy emotional connections between mothers and their 15 -month-old Infants,according to a long-term national study.The finding holds even If ca re begins during the first 3 months after birth and runs for 30 hours or more per week. Among infants who receive unkind and unresponsive care from their mot hers,however, the mother-child relationship may be damaged.“This research helps us put apar t complexities regarding child care that have not previously been studied In detail,” contends Jay Belsky,a

Psychologist. The investigation consists of 1,153 children and their families living in or near Boston. The youngsters,no more than 1 month old when they entered the study in 1991,w ill be tracked until the age of 7.Experimenters administered questionnaires to mother s in their homes and videotaped baby caretakers interacting with the kids at ages 1,6,an d 15 months. Independent observers rated the quality of each child care efforts and noted in fant nervousness.Unlike most previous studies,this one allows researchers to obser ve each caretaker’s personality the equipment. 16.From the first paragraph we know that. A.mother care is the best according to a national study B.child care outside home is the best in accordance with the study C.regular child care outside home may play a role as a mother D.connections between mothers and infants are damaged by outside care 17.Accooding to the passage,unresponslve care from a mother may. A、 ruin a kid’s growth B、 harm the month-child tie C.lnjure a baby’s emotional reaction D.spoil a child’s personalty 18.Jay Belsky implies that the study of child care. A.was never carried out in the past B.was not much done in detail in the past C.was greatly ignored by psychologists and researchers D.was interesting,but very difficult to make discovery at child nursing,and kids’emotional reaction by

19. The main difference between the investigation and the previous ones is that. A.the researchers7C stared with only one month old infants B.the observers could rate the quality of child care effofts and analyzed them soon C. the researchers weft able to give the questionnaires to mothers in their homes D.video equipment enabled researchers to observe what was happening direct 20.Which of the following is not TRUE of the investigation? A.It Will last at least 7 years. B.Cooperation from the mothers is also necessary. C.some independent observers play a part. D.

Researchers paid site visits tosecacaretaker’spersonalityandkids’emotional reaction.

Question 21-25 are based on the following passage: Successful innovations have driven many Older technologies to extinction a nd have resulted in higher productivity, greater demand for raw consumption of energy, increased

mateials,accelerated flow of materials through the economy and increased quant ities of metals and other substances in use per person.The history of industrial develo pment is fUll of examples. In l870,horses and mules were the prime source of power on U.S.farms.On e horse or mule was required to support four human beings——a ratio that remai ned almost constant for many decades.At that time,had a national commission b

een asked to forecast the horse and mule population for 1970,its answer probab ly would have depended on whether its consultants were of an economic turn of m ind.Had they been“economists”,they would have recognized that the power of st eam had already been harnessed to industry and to land and ocean transport.The y would have recognized further hat is would be only a matter of time before st eam would be the prime source of power on the farm.It would have been difficult for them to avoid the conclusion that the horse and mule population w ould decline raPidly. 21. Which of the following is NOT mentioned by the author as a consequence of n ew technological developments? A. Older techologies die away. B.The quality of life is imProved· C.Overall productivity increases· D.More raw materials become necessary. 22.It can be inferred from the passage that by 1870______.

A.the steam engine had been invented B.a nationalcommission on agriculture had been established C.the U.S.horse population was about 10 million D.technology began to be more economical 23.which of the following statements would the author of the passage be most l ikely to agree? A.Technological development influences society’s future. B.Technological innovations a almost always successful. C.Technicians are more useful to society than economists. D.The economy is independent of technological transformation. 24.In the second paragraph,the author suggests that“economists’would_____. A.consult the national commission on the economy

B. plan the economy through yearly forecasts C.consider the influence of technological innovation important D.value the economic contribution of farm animals 25.what is the author’s attitude toward changes brought on by technological 刊\ innovation? A.He is excited about them. B.He is disturbed by them. C.He questions their usefulness. D.He accepts them as natural.

Questions 26-30 are based on the following passage: OffiCials kiCked Off the Olympic economy With a tWO-day promotion conferen ce that opened on Sunday in Beliing. Economy here refers to both direct and indirect profits made by hosting the Games. The organizers included 16 municipal government deparments.The event attra cted more than 800 delegates of enterprises,institutions,and academies. The big topic is how to make the best of the business potential of the Benj ing’s

Olympics. The organizers said there were 387 projects at the event that would need ab out 134 billion yuan—worth of investment· The business opportunities involve manufacturing,agriculture,education,h ealth,

tourism and environmental protection. This was the largest 01ympics business promotion in Beijing so far. Twenty-four companies on Monday signed up for 10 projects,worth 21.5 bil lion yuan in all. The most notewofthy one is the fourth subway line.The deal involves the Hon g Kong MTRcorp,Beijing Infrastrure Investing Company,and Beijing Capital Group. 26.what does the phrase‘kick off”mean in Para.l? A Open. B、End. C.Start.D.Move. 27.What’s the big topic of the two-day promotion conference7 t.How to win golden medals as many as possible in the game

B.How to get investment. C、How to invest in the event. D.How to make the best of the business potential of Beijing’s Olympics Gam es. 28.Which of the following is NOT true? A.There are nearly 400 projects at the event. B.About 134 billion yuan is needed to be invested. C,The event took interest from almost 800 delegates of enterpnses,institu tions and academies. D.The organizers includes 16 municipal government departments. 29.What does the writer say about the fouth subway line? A.Four firms are involved in it. B.It is one of the most important projects. C.Hong Kong MTR Corp.isn’t involved In It.

D.Beijing capital Group wants to get involved in it

30.What’s the best title for this report? A.There Effects of Olympic Game B.Business Opportunities Brought about with Olympic Games C.Financial Situations in Beijing D.Business Promotioll COnference in Beijing Questions 11-15 are based on the following passage: The next decade could see commuters speeding to work at about 300 miles per hour aboard magnetic levitation vehicles,according ational Laboratories.But before“ maglev” to a report by Argoanne become commercial N

vehicles can

successes,the report says,people need to stop thinking of them as high-spe ed trains.Instead,consider them low-flying aircraft.Argonme contends that maglev vehicles will be best suited to replace commuter aircraft.Plane flights under 600 miles are the least energy-efficient,and ma glev‘"planes should cut these fuel needs by up to 75 percent. Reportedly, the money saved by a 2,000- mile maglev network linking major cities world more than pay for its constructi on in 20 years.The quiet purr of levitating crafts would also be a balm for neighborhood s tormented by the roar of conventional takeoffs and landings.The technology behind magnetic levltati on is already well understood,the report notes.The west Germans and the Japane

se already well understood,the report notes.The west Germans and the Japanese have several fu ll-scale working models.Meanwhile,research in the United States has lapsed.

11.What is the best title for this passage? A.The Future of Transportation B.Argonne Develops Maglev Train C.T’he Disadvantages of Commuting by airplane D.Commuting in the Future 12。According to the passage,when could people start using a maglev commercial ly? A.In 5 years. C.In 20 years. B.In 10 years. D.In more than 20 vears·

13.Why could maglev train replace shoft-fight commuter aircraft? A.Maglev trains are faster. B.Maglev trains are cheaper. C.Maglev trairs are more fuel-efficient。 D.Maglev trains are safer. 14.Argonne believes that people should regard maglev transportation as______. A.safe,efficient high-speed trains B.the most exciting form of transportation for the future C.a kind of aircraft D.the most economical form of transportation 15.Which countries have probably spent the most money on maglev research? A.france and West Germany. B.JaPan nd West Germany. C.the United States and Japan. D.West Germany and the United States.

Questions 26-30 are based on the following passage Nationalparties in the United Sates have generally Been weak in structure and wary of ideology.Many writers have said that America n parties are the least centralized in the world.However,the argument that par

ties have not represented signficant differences in policy can be pushed too fa r.For example,in this century,at least,the Republicans have been more commi tted than the Democrats to a market oriented economy,while the Democrats have been more prepared to use goverment to address economic problems.In general th e Republicans have been the more conservative and the Democrats the more liberal. Both parties,however,have resisted reducing these tendencies in their s ocial,economic,and moral belief systems to a rigid ideology. And neither, until recently,vested much authority in its national party structure. At state and local levels,on the other hand party orgamzations often ac hieved impressive levels of solidarity and internal discipline.Both Democra ts and Republicans maintained potent local political organizations in many cities and states. 26.What does the sentence“ However,the argument that parties have not represe nted significant differences in policy can be pushed too far.”(Sentence 3,Pa ragraph 1)mean? A.There is not much significant differences in policy between the two parties. B. There do exist significant differences in policy between the two parties. C.National parties in the United States are weak in structure. D.American parties are the least centralized in the world. 27.The Republican Party_· A.is more interested in economic problems B.takes more intrest in a market economy C.is less intrested in economic problems D.takes less intrest in a market economy 28.The word “potent” in the last sentence most probably means. A.powerful.B.weak C.significant D.loose 29.which of the following statement is TRUE accoding to the passage?

A.The Democrats is more committed

to a market oriented economy.

B.There has been wide discussions in the Republicans. C.Party organizations are not weak at all at state and local levels. D.None of the above. 30.What is the major topic of the passage? A.Americans parties B.The Democrats and the Republicans. C.The strengthening Federal Government. D.The independent Americans.

Questions 16 -20 are based on the following passage:

Sporting activities are essentially modified forms of hunting behavior.Vie wed biologically,the modem foot-baller is in reality a member of a hunting gr oup.His killing weapon has turned into a harmless football and his prey(猎物) into a goalmouth.If his aim is accurate and he scores a goal,he elljoys the h unter’s triumph of killing his prey. To understand how this transformation has taken place we must briefly look back at our forefathers.They spent over a million years evolving as cooperativ e hunters. Their very survival depended on success in the hunting-field. Under this pressure their whole way of life,even their bodies,became greatly change d.They became chasers,runners,jumpers,aimers,throwers and prey-killers.The y cooperated as skillful male-group attackers. Then about ten thousand years ago,after this immensely long period of hunt ing their food,they became farmers.Their improved intelligence, so vital to th eir old hunting life,was put to a new use——that of controlling and domestica ting their prey.The hunt became suddenly out of date.The food was their on th e farms,awaiting their needs.The risks and uncertainties of the hunt were no longer essential for survival.

16.The author believes that sporting activities___ A.areforms of bilological development B.have actual developed from hunting C.essential forms oftaming the prey D.have changed the ways of hunting 17.In a football game what is equal to the prey in hunting is___ A.any member of the opposing team B.the goal keeper C.the goal-mouth D.the football 18.For over a million years,our forefathers were basicall 一 A.successful famers B.co-operating hunters C.runners and jumpers D.skillful sportsmen 19.When did hnuting for animals become out of date for our forefathers? A、About a million years ago, B.About 10,000 years ago. C.Several thousand years ago. D.The answer is not given. 20.which of the following best summarizes the main idea of the passase? A.It is farming that gives human beings enough leisure time for sporting activities· B.Farming is very important in human civilization because it saves human be ings from risks and uncertainties of hunting for survival C.It is hunting that provides human beings with much simpler ways of obta ining meaty meals D. Sporting activities satisfy the desire of modern man to exercise hunting skills which his forefathers developed for survival.

Questions 26-30

are based on the following


Cultural differences in business entertaining include i< p>

>ssues such as whom one entertains and where,and how one entertains.In countries in whi ch status is important,it is not advisable to,invite people of different statuses to the sam e dinner party .Americans will often invite people to their homes.Whereas in some societ ies the home is considered too private.Unworthy,or embarrassingly small to serve as an a pproprivate fotum for business entertaining.In some countries there is a”help yourself” ap proach to entertaining done in the home.This approach does not work well when entertai ning people whose culture teaches them to wait to be asked three times before accepting an offer of food.In one instance,a Chinese guest went an entire evening without eating t hough he was quite hungry because he was too embrassed to take food after only being a sked to do so once.In another case,an American woman executive was being entertaine d at tea in London.After having the tea served,the American woman helped herself to cr eam and sugar rather than waiting to be served. The English womam was embarrassed by the implication that she was not serving quickly enough. 26.It is no good inviting people of different social positions to the same par ty in the country where__ A.people don’t pay any attention to your positions B.people care much about their statuses C.entertainment is important D.entertainment is not advisable 27.___is considered as unsuitable place for business entertaining in some soci eties. A.A hotel.B.An office C.Home D.A company

28.The Chinese guest is taken for an example to show__ A.that offering food should not be made too early B.a“

help yourself” approach does work well in this case C、that accepting an offer of food should be made later D.a”‘help yourself”approach does not work well in some cases 29.The passage infers that American women like__ A.a“help yourself” approach B.waiting to be served C.a slow service D.cream and sugar all 30.what is the most appropriate title for this passage? A,Business Entertaining:One Way or Another B.Cultural Differences among Countries C.“Help Yourself”in Entertaining D.Forum for Business Entertaining

Questions 11-15 are based on the following passage: Some psychologists maintain that mental acts such as thinking are not per formed in the brain alone ,but that one’s muscles also partcipiate.It may be sa id that we think with our muscles in somewhat the same way that we listen to mu sic with our bodies. You surely are surprised to be told that you usually listen to music not only with your ears but with your hole body.Few people can listen to music that is more or less familiar without moving their body or more speci fically ,some part of their body .Often when one listens to a symphonic concert on the ra dio ,he is tempted to direct the orchestra even though he knows there is a competent con ductor on the job. Strange as this behavior may be ,there is a very good reason for it.One c annot derive all possible enjoyment from music unless he participates,so to spe ak ,in its performance.The listener “feels” himself into the music with more or less noticeable motions of his body .

The muscles of the body actually patricipate in the mental process of thi nking in the same way ,but this participation is less obvious because it is les s noticeable . 11.Some psychologists maintain that thinking is ____ A.not a mental process B.more of a physical pfocess than a mental action C.a process that involves our entire bodies D.a process that involves the muscles as well as the brain 12.Few people are able to listen to familiar music without____ A.moving some part of their body B.stopping what they are doing to listen C.directing the orchestra playing it D.wishing that they could conduct music properly 13.Body movements are necessary in order for the listener to____

A.hear the music B.appreciate the music C.enjoy the music fully D.completely understand the music 14. According to the selection, muscle participation in the process of thinking is____ A .deliberate B.obvious C.not readily apparent D.very pronounced 15.The best tite for this selection is____ A.An Ear for Music B.Music Appreciation C.How Muscles Participate in Mental Acts

D.A Psychological Definition of theThe Thinking process

Questions 16-20 are based on the

following passage:

During the summer session there will be a revised schedule of services for the university community. Specific changes for intercampus bus services, summer hours for the cafeteria, the infirmary(校医院)and recreational and athletic facilities will be posted on the bulletin board outside of the cafeteria.Weekly movie and concert schedu les which are in the process of being arrangd will be posted each Wednesday out side of the cafeteria. Intercampus buses will leave the main hall every hour on the half hour and make all of the regular stops on their route around campus.The cafeteria will serve breakfast,lunch,and early dinner from 7 a.m.to 7p.m.during the week and from noon to 7p.m.on weekends.The librar will maintain regular hours durin g the week,but shorter hours on Saturdays and Sundays.The weekend hours are f rom noon to 7p.m. All students who want to use the library borrowing services and recreation al athletic,and entertainment facilities must have a valid summer identificatio n card.This announcement will also appear in the next issue of the student new spaper. 16.Which of the following is the main purpose of this announcement? A.To tell campus personnel of the new library services. B.To announce the new movies on campus this summer. C.To notify university people of important schedule changes. D.To remind the students to validate their identification card. 17.Specific schedule revisions for which of the following facilities are liste d in this announcement? A.Athletic and recretional. B.Food and transportation.

C.Bookstore and post office. D.Medical and audio-visual. 18.Times for movies and concerts are not listed in this announcement because__ A.film or concert occurs every Wednesday at 7p.m. B.the full list would be too long C.films and concerts cannot be announced publicly D.the full list is not ready yet 19.Accoding to the announcement which of the following is true of special summ er hours for the library? A.It has them only on the weekends. B.It has them both weekdays and weekends. C.It has no special summer hours. D.The information is not available. 20.According to the announcement,a validated identification card is required t o___ A .ride on intercampus buses B.read announcements in the cafeteria C.make use of the infirmary D.check books out of the library

Questions 26-30 are based on the following passage: The nationwide EU-China Training Project for Clerical Staff recently sta rted in Beijing following the launch of a piloting program in Wuhan ,Hubei Prov ince. The project is designed to improve the competitiveness of Sino_Eu joint v entures before China enters the WTO .Any enterprise in any region will be able to discuss training requests with foreign experts and jointly devise training p rograms .Helped by European and Chinese experts the project will not only train

clerial staff ,but also benefit the Chinese education system by employing the latest European training methods.Most of project ‘s services will be free. The piloting program in Wuhan,funded with 15 million euros from the EU Com mission and Hubei Province, will improve staff in Sino-EU joint ventures over

the next five years.Another 40 projects will go in other provinces and in diff erent companies. 26.Which of the following is ture according to the passage? A.The nationwide training started after some preparation B.The training project was carried outonly in Beijing C.The training project started in Beijing and Wuhan at the same time D.The project was specially planned for some provinces and regions in Chin a. 27.The purpose of the project is____ A.to make Chinese companies more competitive Bto improve the competitiveness of European companies in China C.to improve Sino-EU friendship D.to make Sino -EU joint ventures more competitive 28.The project will benefit the Chinese education system because ___ A.it will bring a lot of business experience to China B.it will greatly improve the financial situation of Chinese education C.new techniques in teaching will be introduced to China D.Chinese teachers will be trained and become better qualified in the progr am 29.The piloting program in Wuhan was financially supported by___ A. B. C. D. China Central government The local government in Hubei province Both the Central government and Hubei province Both Hubei province and EU Commission

30.Which of the following CAN’T be learned in the report?

A.Both China and Europe are preparing for more competition after China ent ers the WTO B.More Sino-EU ventures will benefit from the training program in the futu re C.The training project will bring much profit due to the services it provid ed D.Experts in the program are from Europe as well as China.

Questions 11-15 are based on the following


Communication is the sending of information or news from one person to anot her.If human beings could not communicate with one another,each person would have to learn everything for himself.Although animals as well as men can commun icate,so far as we know,they can express only the simple emotions like pain,j oy,fear,hunger,anger and love.Some animals have a more advanced form of la nguage using sounds, and others use a wide range of sounds and face movements, b ut we still have much to learn about these animal languages. Speech is the most important means of communication between people.But it is not the only one.Nor is it the oldest.We use facial expressions,gestures and hand movements t o express our feelings and to send signals to other people.Animals use this“body languag e”a great deal.The sign language used by deaf people is an example of communication without speech,while blind people communicate largely through touch and hearing. 11.According to the passage,what would happen to us without communica tion? A.We should learn everything for ourselves. B.We would become unable to speak. C.We couldn’t live happily。 D.We might have to do everything by ourselves. 12.What does the passage say about animals’ communication? A.They have their advanced language in form of sound B.They can express simple feelings such as hunger and pain.

C,Some of them can communicate with people very well D.All of them can use sound to express themselves. 13.Which of the following statement is true? A.Humans do not have adequate knowledge ab out animal languages. B.We are now very much aware of animal languages. C.Most of animals use their facial expressions. D.All animals make sounds to communicate with each other. 14.What means of communication is used by most people? A.Facial expressions.B.Body movements. C.Speech D.Body movement and speech,

15.We can infer from the passage that the oldest form of communicati between p eople is___ A.speech C.sounds B.touch and hearing D.body language

Questions 21-25 are based on the following passage: Promptness is important in American business,academic,and social settin

gs.The importance of punctuality is taught to young children in school.Tardy s lips and the use of bells signal to the child that punctuality and time itself are to be respected. People who keep appointments are considered dependable.If people are late t o job interviews,appointments,or classes,they are often viewed as unreliable an d irresponsible.In the business world,”time is money”and companies may fine the ir executives for tardiness to business meeting.Of course,it is not always poss ible to be punctual.Social and business etiquette also provides for late arriva ls.Calling on the telephone if one is going to be more than a few minutes late for schedule appointments is considered polite and is often expected.Keeping a date of a friend waiting beyond ten to twenty minutes is acceptable.

21.The best title for the passage is___ A.Punctuality & nbsp; B.Time C.Etiquette D.Culture 22.Children in America are taught to___ A.be on time when doing things B.respect their teachers C.take their time when doing things D.respect their time 23.If a person is late for business meeting,he may__ A.be fired B.be criticized by his boss C.be equired to apologize D.be made to pay 24.Social etiquette in the United States allows people to__ A.be a few minute late for interviews B.be up to a half-hour late for some parties C.keep a friend waiting for less than 30 minutes D.come a few minutes earlier to any appointment 25.“Time is money” here means__ A.time is very important in the business world B.time can bring you money C.if you hurry,you can get some money D.If you are late,you will lose money Questions 26-30 are based on the following passage: U.S.Direct marketers are taking advantage of the trends of the market and natural advantages which provide good opportunities in Japan.And the future l ooks promising,too.In particular,the appreciation of the yen,or what the Ja

panese refer to as endaka,has made many U.S.products much more affordable and desirable to the Japanese consumer.Also, through direct marketing U.Scompanies can bypass the multitier distribution ch annels and provide the Japanese consumer with a product that is priced very com petitively to the retail product.Another advantage is that the Japanese market consists of a very affluent society with a high percapita income.Direct market ing allows the Japanese consumers to increase their leisure time by staying at home and shopping. This is very important since leisure time is a very precious commodity in a society which typically has a long workweek.Japanese consumers also prefer the cachet(名牌)of such imported goods. 26.What is the passage mainly about? A.The reason why U.S.products are now welcomed in Japan. B.U.S.marketers want to expand their markets to Japan. C.The author gives a comparison between U.S.and Japanese products. D.With their high percapita,Japanese people can now afford U.S.products. 27.What does the word“appreciation mean? A.Evaluation. B.Enjoyment C.Gratitude D.Increase in value. 28.U.S.marketers are able to offer a fairly low price because___ A.they want to sell as much as possible in Japan B.direct marketing enables them to avoid the multitier distribution channe ls C.they prefer to keep the same price as it is in U.S. D.the cost of their products is low 29.What is the problem in Japanese market? A.More and more people are buying imported goods. B.They face the challenges from all imported goods. C.Long workhour hinders the expansion of traditional retail sales.

D.High inflation prevents the markt from developing. 30.According to the author,Japanese people sometimes enjoy imported goods bec ause____ A.they are doing the same and they want to keep up with the fashion B.usinglimported goods bring them a sense of prestige C.imported goods are better in quality and homemade ones D.they prefer the cachet

Writing B 说明:按照求职信的格式和要求,以吴奇的名义给松下公司电子 部写一封 100--120 个词的求职信。内容包括如下: 1.在 8 月 6 日的《北京晚报》上看到了贵公司电子部招聘业务员 的广告。 2.随信附上一份简历及导师的推荐信。 3.我曾经在电子部工作过,所以我熟悉各种电器。 4.在假期里,我曾经在多家商店做过业务员。 Words for reference: 电子部 Electronic Device Section 推荐信 reference 参考范文 2 Dear Sirs, I have just seen your advertisement in Beijing Evening News of the 6th August for a salesman I the Electronic Device Section of your company.I’m very intrestd in the job and I feel I’m qualified to meet the requirement s.I’m therefore enclosing a resume together with reference from my supervi sor. As you can see,I once worked in the Electronic Department.So I am familiar with different kinds of electronic devices.I have worked more than once as a salesman in some stores during my previous vacations.Besides,I’an very patient and friendly in nature. I’m confident that I shall be suitable for the kind of work.

If you need any further information,I shall be very pleased to supply it.Or I wonder if you will grant me with an interview. I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon. Yours faithfully, WuQi 66sys@163.corn 1631681.

Dear Sir or Madam, We have seen the advertisement of your washing machines on television,an d are very interested in your washing machines.Will you please send us a copy of your catalogue and current price list for washing machines? We are the leading washing machines dealers in Guangzhou city and have bran ches in five neighbouring districts.If the quality of your machines is satisfac tory and the prices are reasonable,we will place regular orders for fairly lar ge numbers. We look forward to your early reply. Sincerely yours, Wang Hua Wang Hua Sales Manager March 19,2002

Dear Wang Chen, l ’m wtiting to thank you for those two wonderful days in Beijing.I will always remember this visit.Before I arrived,I was a little anxious.I didn’t know what to expect.But I h ad no need to worry.You gave me a warm welcome and I soon felt at home.I will ne

ver forget your kindness and hospitality.And thank you,also,for arranging so many int eresting things .It was very kind of you to do all this for me and appreciate it more than I can say. Yours sincerely, Lily

June 2,200 0 Dear sir, I am applying for the position of a mechanical engineer which you advertised in the China Daily. I am 25 years old and graduated from Communication University with a B. i A. n Mechanical Engineering.I have been working in the laboratory at the Universi ty for three years and have got enough experience for your needs,so I trust I’ m qualified to fill your position. I’m enclosing my CV and looking forward to hearing from you You are required to write a letter of establishing business relations . 写信人姓名及地址:Wang Zhigang,Nanhai Textiles Import&Export Cor- Poration,NO.32 Fuxing Road,Beijing,P R.China 收信人姓名及地址:The Manager of Chiceago Clothes Inc,1578 Morton AVe,ChiCago 27,Ill,USA 内容:南海纺织品进出口公司的经理通过中国银行纽约分行得悉芝加 哥服装有限公司进口中国纺织品,因此给该公司写信,介绍其产 系。同时另寄目录一份,如感兴趣,请告知。 参考范文 Nanhai Textiles Import&Export Corporation No.32 Fuxing Road Beijing

P.R.China March 2lst,2004 Chicago Clothes Inc. 1578 MOrton Ave. Chicago 27,Ill. USA Dear Sir or Madom, You were recommende to us by the Bank of China, New York Branch, which told us that you import Chinese textiles. Our company exports Chinese textiles.They are of good quality and the pric e is favourable.Chinese textiles are very popular in Europe and Australia.We wouli like to work with you to market them in North America. We are sending you under separate cover by airmail a copy of the laest cata logue.Please inform us if there are any items which interest you and we will s end you quotes and samples. We are looking forward to your early reply. Yours truly, WangZhigang Manager 20,200 5

Dear Li Ming, I’m very glad to learn that you ’d like to apply for admission to my university. There are about fifteen majors in this university.As you study liberal art s in high school,you’d better make your choice from the following specialties: Chinese,English,History,Law and Education.I remember you are good at argume ntation and reasioning,so I strongly recommend you major in law.

In preparing for the entrance examination, is important that you work hard, it go over all your lessons and do a lot of exercises.Besides,you should also be optimistic and keep fit. Best wishes, Yours, lily

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